Restore, Revegetate, Regenerate: a Conference on Restoring Ecological Processes, Ecosystems and Landscapes in a Changing World

EcoArts Australis is a proud silver sponsor of Restore, Revegetate, Regenerate: a Conference on Restoring Ecological Processes, Ecosystems and Landscapes in a Changing Worldto be held at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW, on 5–9 February 2017.

The conference will address the big questions about what we have to do to create or 99restore the environment in our climate-changing world for a better life for all.

EcoArts committee members, David Curtis and David Carr, are part of the restoration conference organising committee, and have designed a rich and vibrant arts, education and community outreach program for the conference, featuring:

A specially commissioned Conference Image

This image will act as the conference image, symbolising the main themes of the conference. This has been done by botanical artist David Mackay and a limited edition of prints of this image will be on sale at the conference and in its lead up.

Spectacular dance and music opening

Excerpts from the oratorio God’s Drawing Board by Ralph Steadman and Elena Kats-Chernin will be performed by dancers under the choreography of Melissa Killen and musicians under the musical direction of Melita Roache. A special dance film has been created by film-maker Sarah Watson.

Musical performances at the conference reception and dinner

Classical guitar duo Ephenstephen will perform at the conference reception and rockabilly band the Bobcatz will perform at the conference dinner.

Fabric installation summarising elements of the conference

The conference will feature beautifully printed fabric by local artist Cat Macgregor hung in main plenary auditorium, to provide a rich setting for the conference as well as to provide alternative media in getting over ecological information to the general public.

Environmental street theatre

Armidale High School and Duval High School Drama students have devised a series of short theatrical pieces about the environment to be performed at the conference barbeque.

Performance of Nova-anglica by Dave Eddy

This specially devised performance combines rich visual imagery and exciting music to evoke the ecosystems of New England, their ravaging through dieback, and their restoration by community action. It will be performed at the Armidale Town Hall in conjunction with a free public forum being organised by the Armidale Tree Group.

 Artist in residence at the conference

The conference has invited the artist Leah MacKinnon to act as artist in residence at the conference. Her art specialises in art that engages with ecological themes.

Special conference cups

Beautiful ceramic cups have been made especially for the conference by local ceramic artist Rachel Lawrence. The cups will have some element that relates to grassland ecology, be it native grass motifs, a glaze composed of plant ashes obtained from local grassland plants, or using local clay that has come from the creek-bed of one of the revegetation plantings that will be visited as part of the conference.

Launch of Dazed by Dieback comic

This comic book by David Curtis, explores the causes of rural dieback and the solutions through ecological restoration and revegetation. It will be launched at the conference along with a parallel exhibition of the comic’s artwork at the Armidale Tree Group Michael O’Keeffe Woodland Education Centre.

Artists Table

Artworks will be on sale, including prints of the conference image, the conference mugs, Dazed by Dieback comics, Cat MacGregor’s fabrics and tea towels, etc.

Art gallery tour

A special tour of the art galleries in Armidale is planned for conference delegates and associates. Galleries have been selected which will be holding exhibitions that feature work which include ecological themes.

The arts program is designed to:

  • encourage scientists to reflect on alternative media to communicate their science to society
  • aid understanding of complex scientific information (including synthesising information and assisting in communicating the themes of the conference)
  • entertain (marvel of skills, enjoy something beautiful, laugh, relax, break up monotony, affirm and energise delegates)
  • provide a rich environment for the delegates to receive information
  • showcase the depth and richness of Armidale’s community, make the conference memorable, and boost the profile of ecology in the community.


Full, student, concession and day-long conference registrations, and special two-day landholder and Indigenous packages, are available, depending on your budget, motivations and the time available. To register, visit:

For further information, email Dr David Curtis at or David Carr at