Who are we?

The committee for EcoArts Australis draws on the experience of people working across the natural resources and arts sectors. It includes specialists in ecosystem and environmental management, museum management, environmental theatre, event management, community facilitation, the visual, performing and community arts, project management and administration, and monitoring and evaluation.

The current committee is:

  • Thor Blomfield – environmental theatre practitioner. Thor has had an impressive 20-year career in the circus and physical theatre arts with a significant background in creating groundbreaking indoor, outdoor and community performances. He co-founded Legs on the Wall. He then founded Leapfish Environmental Education and is its Executive Director
  • Dave Carr – ecologist and musician. Dave has had an impressive career in natural resources management. He specialises in vegetation management and restorative agriculture techniques, ecological and vegetation survey, experimental design and analysis, seed management, agroforestry, extension and education and urban biodiversity management. He has combined his passion for ecology and music with involvement in many bands and eco-arts projects
  • David Curtis – ecologist and musician. David has over 30 years experience in community based natural resources management, founded the Armidale Tree Group, and has organised several large eco-arts projects. He has carried out major research on the role of the arts in shaping environmental behaviour
  • Andrew Parker – artist and community development. Andrew’s arts career began in the 1970s. He has exhibited his wonderful ceramics extensively and in recent years has moved into community and regional development roles working for the NSW Government
  • Gabrielle Quigley – with qualifications in museum studies, arts management, and art education, Gabi has worked as an art educator across secondary and tertiary institutions and regional galleries. She works and performs with Circus WOW and is currently teaching the Visual Arts International Baccalaureate course at Elonera Montessori School in Wollongong, NSW.
  • Juliet Scrine – event organiser and environmental theatre practitioner. Juliet’s career has taken in working in radio, film and television, working as an event organiser, drama teacher and actor. With Ian McColm, she founded Eaton Gorge Theatre Company, which specialises in performances with environmental education themes for young people as well as extensive work with people with disabilities
  • Lindsay Sharp – former international museum director and active Landcarer. Lindsay has had a prestigious international career managing museums and science centres in North America, the UK and Australia. He specialises in rescuing challenged cultural organisations and planning new ones, especially museums and science centres with extensive audience reach
  • Garry Slocombe – financial manager and accountant. Garry brings a 30-year career as a financial manager to EcoArts Australis. He has been involved in that capacity in many large community arts projects

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