Conference 2016

EcoArts Australis 2nd National Conference

14–16 February 2016

Image and Artwork by Imogen Ross

Image and Artwork by Imogen Ross

The EcoArts Australis 2nd National Conference (14–16 February 2016) brings together environmental and arts practitioners to explore the visual and performing arts in creative ways to foster environmental sustainability. The 2016 theme is: Building Sustainability with the Arts.

Read the Evaluation of EcoArts Australis Conferences in 2013 and 2016 [1.03 MB PDF] and Penny Sadubin’s report on the 2016 conference [external link].

The Proceedings of the 2nd National EcoArts Australis Conference can be purchased from this external link.

Conference details

Keynote speakers

  • Dr Nalini Nadkarni (Professor of Biology at University of Utah, USA ) and choreographer Jodi Lomask (Artistic Director of Capacitor) spoke on linking art and science, and in particular rainforest ecology and contemporary dance.
  • Rachel Kent (Curator from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney who curated the exhibition In the Balance in 2010 and spoke of visual artists in Australia who link their work with the environmental).
  • Lisa Woynarski (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, UK) provided an overview of environmental theatre in UK and Europe.
  • Guy Abrahams (CEO of CLIMARTE) spoke of harnessing the power of the arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.
  • Suzanne Crocker (Director and Producer of the 2014 documentary All The Time In The World) spoke about the power of film, particularly conveying messages through environmental films.


Hand on leaves

  • Using the visual and performing arts in educating and communicating about the environment
  • The arts and climate change
  • Creating the green city using the arts: transport, housing and energy
  • Art and science: how each can give to the other
  • Supporting environmental activism with art
  • The arts putting us in touch with nature
  • Building a society with a smaller environmental footprint through the arts
  • The place of the arts in community based natural resources management

Performances and visual arts at the conference included:

  • Choral and music performances
  • Visual arts (photographics, sculptures, ephemeral installations etc.)
  • Circus, ecocabaret, environmental theatre, etc)
  • Performance-guided walk in neighbouring littoral forest and beach
  • Artists and musicians in residence.

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