Accepted abstracts

Accepted abstracts

Overview: linking art, science, policy & sustainability action

Status Format
David Curtis: Welcome and overview – What is pro-environmental behaviour and how can the arts influence it? tick Oral presentation
Mark Howden and Bec Colvin: Getting through to the heART of climate change: how the arts can motivate and inspire action tick Oral presentation
Marda Kirn: What/So What/Now What?: The Head, Heart, and Hand of Climate Change Awareness to Action tick Oral presentation, by digital video link (USA)

Cognitive interest in nature / awareness of consequences



Greg Pritchard and Anna Glynn: Art of threatened species tick Oral presentation
Deborah Redwood: Entropy, climate change and social learning tick Oral presentation
Michael Connor: The Grand Tour of Sir Joseph Banks tick Performance
Juliet Scrine: Using theatre to reduce waste tick Performance
Ali Black: Picturing connections with the natural world: Pre-service teachers explore the significance of childhood, people and place through arts-based reflection tick Oral presentation
Svetlana Trefilova: Myrtle rust in Australia: the unseen drama visualised by an artist tick Oral presentation and visual artwork
Anastasia Tyurina: A new way of seeing: the river at a microscopic scale tick Pecha Kucha
April Sampson-Kelly: Rebranding Chookie [The Iconic Aussie Chicken] – environmental advocacy dressed as comedy tick Pechu Kucha
Sally Berridge: The Summer of the 117th Blowfly tick Visual artwork
Julie Collins: Collaborative performances of transformation tick Performance
David Curtis: Dazed by Dieback tick Comic book
Anastasia Tyurina: Colour 32 tick Video

Emotional affinity to nature (lyrical expression)

Status Format
Andrew Parker & David Curtis: Ephemera: A case study in how the arts can create emotional affinity for ecological restoration tick Oral presentation and film
Leanne Thompson: The Terrain of Belonging tick Oral presentation and workshop
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger: The march of time, thawing, tourism, & toxins impacting the Pacific tick Oral presentation
David Fonteyn: Ecological Allegory tick Oral presentation
Toni Roberts: Inklings: unforgetting our watery bodies tick Oral presentation and visual artwork
Patrick Shirvington: An analysis of children’s picture books, observing the influence they have on the young reader tick Oral presentation
Susan Gourley: Rethinking the relationship with nature in contemporary Australia: salvaged materials, colonial history, and cross-cultural narratives tick Oral presentation
Tamryn Bennett & Jennine Primmer: Red Room Poetry’s extinction elegies – creating empathy to counter apathy tick Oral presentation
Vanessa Tomlinson: Connecting to place through sound tick Pecha Kucha
Sharon Jewell and Tricia Dobson: Canaipa Mudlines: redressing value through ephemeral art in a small island setting tick Oral presentation
Kassandra Bossell: Humans inside nature: co-agency in multi-species art tick Oral presentation
Annique Goldenberg: The perspective of umwelt and collaborative slow art tick Oral presentation
Penny Dunstan: Sixteen Earth bowls tick Oral and visual presentation
Greer Taylor: ephemeral sculptures tick Pecha Kucha
Emma Korhoren: [TBC] tick Pecha Kucha

Emotional indignation / critical engagement / persuasion

Status Format
Jill Sampson: tick Oral presentation
Marty Branagan: Locked On! The Seventh and Most Illegal in the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy tick Pechu Kucha
Nicolas Ozolins: Under a rock: The political ecology of crayfish tick Oral presentation
Joan Boylan: Nuclear Fallout Ultra-safe Central Control Tent (NFUCCT) tick Pecha Kucha
Phil Smith: Speaking 4 the Planet: An arts-based approach to creating a world worth living in tick Performance
Penny Sadubin: Fish Kill tick Visual artwork (ground-based sculpture)
Tonia Gray, Fern Hames & Marji Puotinen: Homeward bound: integrating arts, science and female leadership for climate change advocacy tick Oral presentation
James Lee, Michelle Maloney and Marian Drew: Earth Arts and the Rights of Nature tick Oral presentation
Peter Notley: The Resource Revolution – observations from the front line tick Dance
Vincent Bicego: Misrepresentations: Deep Time, Real Time tick Visual art work

Transformative action: arts practice

Status Format
Tiffany Gray: Going down the drain tick Oral presentation / performance
Berish Bilander: Greening the scene – innovations, campaigns, and interventions in the music industry to tackle climate change tick Oral presentation
Garry Slocombe: Leonard Cohen ANTHEM – motivating and arming the climate change warrior tick Oral presentation
Thor Blomfield: 21st century community tick Oral presentation

Transformative Action: Embedding the arts in ecological sustainable development

Status Format
Jodi Newcombe: tick Oral presentation
Gilbert Grace: KISS the Earth Lightly: ARTcycle Inc., KSCA., & Sydney Green Ring tick Oral presentation
Cecily Miller: Can art save the world? A look at public art projects in the USA that seek to promote environmental stewardship. tick Oral presentation, by digital video link (USA)
Claire Tracey: Creating sustainable transformation through art and design: a case study in developing the corporate interest in ‘green’ art tick Visual arts
Laura Donkers: Eco-Social Practice: advancing collaborative artistic co-creative methods to promote eco-social regeneration tick Oral presentation
Jane Gavan: Sustainability as a lens for practice — a case study that emerges as a formulation of how creative practice can evolve toward sustainable productivity for diverse communities and the environment tick Oral presentation

Transformative action: Reclaiming and restoring physical environments



Susan Stevens: Restoring native vegetation in coastal Sydney – aesthetically-pleasing plantings tick Pechu Kucha
Gabrielle Quigley: Finding the golden thread: why we need social sculptures tick Pechu Kucha
Louise Fowler-Smith: The Eco-artist Tree Veneration collective and community engagement tick Oral presentation
Dave Carr: Festivals as a Trojan horse for environmental messages: Armidale’s Black Gully Festival tick Oral presentation
Rhiannon Morgan and David Mitsak: Festive building culture tick Oral presentation
Catherine van Wilgenburg: Does 65,000—120,000 years of Australian Aboriginal culture count as world best practice EcoArt? tick Oral presentation

Visual Art

Status Format
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger: Distorted Truths tick Visual artwork
Candice Boyd: If the trees spoke … tick Sculpture
Marji Puotinen: Kids Care About Climate Change international drawing contest banner tick Visual artwork
Greer Taylor: ephemeral sculptures tick Pecha Kucha
Emma Korhoren: [TBC] tick Pecha Kucha


Status Format
Sam Crosby: Burra’s Way, using land art and oral storytelling to develop ecological understanding tick Workshop
Leanne Thompson: The Terrain of Belonging tick Oral presentation and workshop
Dale & Cecilia Rogers: Refocusing photography’s environmental duality, when a picture is worth a 1000 words vs a 1000 likes tick Workshop


Status Format
Circus WOW Performance Group tick Performance
Circus WOW Adagio tick Performance
Eaton Gorge Theatre Company tick Performance
Michael Connor tick Performance
Cabbage Tree Combo tick Performance
Tiffany Gray tick Performance

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