Presenting your work as a poster, film or visual artwork

People who have registered and paid to attend the conference can exhibit 1–2 pieces free of charge. This will be similar to people submitting a poster. Art works should be relevant to the themes of the conference.

People submitting artworks, films or posters but who will not be attending should pay $100.

Exhibiting artists should include a statement about the artwork and the ideas behind it (and other associated work) that can be included in the abstract book. These statements will need to be received before 15 March 2019 to be included with the abstract book.

Exhibiting artworks will be at the artist’s risk. The conference organisers will take all care and no responsibility. The hanging of the artwork will be the artist’s responsibility. They should check with the conference organiser in advance regarding requirements. In exhibiting the artwork, no damage should be made to the exhibition space.

Artists can have work for sale, and pay a commission of 30% to EcoArts Australis for any work sold. There will be a merchandise stall for small items. Artists wishing to sell small items will need to discuss wholesale and sale prices, receipting requirements, delivery and taking of items etc directly with the conference organiser. There will be hanging space for pictures. Sculptors will need to supply their own plinth.

If an artist wishes to see the space in advance, this will need to be negotiated with the conference organiser who will need to arrange with the venue manager.

EcoArts Australis reserves the right to refuse exhibition of any work.

If you have any questions about presenting your work as a poster, film or visual artwork, please contact the conference organiser at:

Ecoarts Australis